China Has Been Waging Economic Warfare on America for Decades

China Has Been Waging Economic Warfare on America for Decades, by Steven Mosher.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, China once again turned its wrath on America. … Paramount Leader Deng Xiaoping actually said so. “A new cold war is underway between China and America,” he declared to his Communist Party comrades.

That certainly sounds like a declaration of war to me. If your enemy says that you are at war, then you are probably at war, whether you want to be or not.

Beijing is determined to be the undisputed hegemon of the 21st century.

China’s strategic literature is full with “back-to-the-future” analyses in which China reassumes its traditional role as the hegemon. Only this time around, the Middle Kingdom will dominate not only Asia, but also the world.

Many Chinese analysts are now employing, as a model both for domestic politics and international affairs the same “Sinic Civilization vs. Barbarism Distinction” (huayizhibian) used in imperial times. America is seen as the leader of the “Barbarians” and must be defeated.

Virtually all of China’s top thinkers see the end of history arriving in a stark “China wins, Barbarians lose” scenario. This belief colors everything from industrial policy to trade deals and creates sharply differing expectations.

“Win-win” means different things in different countries:

American trade negotiators, operating under a “win-win” paradigm, see their role as negotiating equitable deals that are advantageous to both sides. Chinese negotiators nod sagely in apparent agreement, but their goal is something entirely different. To them, “win-win” means that China wins twice.

The first “win” comes in the terms of the trade deal, which they humbly insist should favor China “as a less-developed country.” The second “win” for China comes when it arrogantly and deceitfully goes on to cheat on those same terms.

This is so well understood in China that the phrase “win-win” has become a national joke — at America’s expense.

Over the years, China’s trade negotiators have had many good laughs at the expense of their clueless, naïve American counterparts — and at the expense of the American worker …

China has been engaged in a long-running, covert cyberwar against the United States. Beijing has literally stolen billions a year in intellectual property, especially dual-use technology, from U.S. companies. It is feverishly trying to discover cyber-vulnerabilities that could be covertly exploited, or used in the event of open conflict. …

It is an open secret that Beijing cleverly skews its market against foreign companies through technology theft, unwritten rules, and other machinations. As The Economist noted several years ago, “The meddling state [China] lets multinationals in, only to squeeze them dry of their valuable technologies and then push them out.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil