Terrorist scare in Stockholm today

Terrorist scare in Stockholm today, by Jaymez.

We had a bit of a terrorist scare in Stockholm today. We were walking along a main thoroughfare when we heard an almighty explosive noise. …

Read the link to find out what it was all about. It’s a bit of a journey but Jaymez has some recommendations, culminating in:

The right to retention of Australian residence or citizenship of Muslims should be reconsidered and even if it requires new legislation, if they have:

  • Shown they do not wish to assimilate, or who have demanded our society change to suit their religious or cultural beliefs
  • Protested violently against the legal publication of cartoons or films which portray Muhammad in a bad light, or mock Islam,
  • Are calling for any form of Sharia law,
  • Supported in any way a terrorist organization,
  • Encouraged or applauded fundamentalist and/or terrorist Islamic behavior,
  • Been granted refugee status under false pretenses.

Islam demo, Hyde Park, Sdyney 2012

Hyde Park, Sydney 2012