Melbourne Police to charge Sunni trio with attacks on Shia mosque

Melbourne Police to charge Sunni trio with attacks on Shia mosque, by the ABC.

Three men have been accused of committing Islamic State-inspired terrorist attacks against a Melbourne mosque.

The trio, aged in their 20s, are each accused of engaging in a terrorist act over an arson attack that destroyed the Imam Ali Islamic Centre at Fawkner in December, Victoria and federal police say.

Two of those men, 25-year-old Ahmed Mohamed and 27-year-old Abdullah Chaarani, are already in custody over an alleged plan, separate to the arson attack, to bomb Melbourne landmarks on Christmas Day.

The third man allegedly involved in the destruction of the mosque is 29-year-old Hatim Moukhaiber, who was arrested after police pulled over his car at Roxburgh Park on Saturday night. …

“We’re not saying that these are just arson attacks,” Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner Counter Terrorism Ian McCartney told journalists in Melbourne on Sunday. “What we’re going to allege is these were Islamic State-inspired attacks. They were inspired and designed to influence, put fear into a particular community.”

A little bit of seventh century Arab culture in the world’s most livable city.

hat-tip Stephen Neil