Religion of Peace strikes in Russia: knife attacker wounds seven

Religion of Peace strikes in Russia: knife attacker wounds seven, by the BBC.

Seven people have been wounded in a knife attack in the Russian city of Surgut, security sources say.

The man, who apparently stabbed passers-by on the street at random, was shot dead by police. …

The Islamic State militant group (IS) said on its official news channel that it was behind the attack.

Russia’s Investigations Committee said it had identified the attacker and was checking his psychological history.

Religion of Peace strikes in Finland: knife attacker kills two and wounds eight, by Fox News.

At least two people were injured and eight others were wounded during a mass stabbing assault in Finland on Friday, Sky News reported.

The suspected attacker, who was not immediately identified, was shot in the leg and was in police custody, the BBC reported.

Authorities had not labeled the incident in Finland as terrorism and were set to hold a news conference later on Friday.

In both cases, no admission from the media that it had anything to do with Islam. Meanwhile we are encouraged to get hysterical about neo-Nazis, but since 1945 how many people in the West have been killed by neo-Nazis and how many by Islam? Do they think we are all stupid?

A reader comments:

How can they keep insulting everyone with this sort of nonsense?

400 million people in Europe figured this out very shortly after it was first reported. But the police have go away and try terribly hard to be politically correct, producing tremendous cognitive dissonance.

No wonder the establishment and MSM are losing their credibility so fast.