Neo-Nazis and white supremacists the new mojo for sabotaging Trump

Neo-Nazis and white supremacists the new mojo for sabotaging Trump, by Finian Cunningham.

The ousting of White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon marks the biggest political victory to date for opponents of US President Donald Trump. …

When Trump made his equivocal condemnation of the racial violence last weekend, in which he appeared apologetic for the white supremacists, equating the violence of Neo-Nazis with that of anti-fascists, it unleashed a political firestorm in the US media. Bannon was fingered as the toxic influence on the president, renewing calls for his resignation. Democrats have been aiming for him to be fired from the outset. …

It can be argued that Trump was never accepted as the elected president by powerful elements within the American political class. The so-called ‘deep state’ of the intelligence-military apparatus, influential media organizations like the Washington Post, the New York Times, and CNN, in conjunction with the Democrats, did not want Trump in the White House. …

This systematic hostility towards Trump explains why for nearly seven months of his presidency, the US media have run an unrelenting campaign accusing him of being complicit in, or at least a beneficiary of, Russian meddling in the election.

However, the trouble for Trump’s opponents is that the ‘Russia-gate’ affair has failed to gain any traction. Lack of credible evidence to support the sensational claims has made the Russia-gate “scandal” look contrived, threadbare and, frankly, ridiculous in its overblown pretensions of being another Watergate – the scandal that caused President Richard Nixon’s ouster in 1974.

Trump has dismissed the claims of collusion with Russian state hackers as “a giant hoax.” Russian President Vladimir Putin has also blasted the claims of Russia meddling as “amusing rubbish.” Julian Assange, the editor of WikiLeaks, the whistleblower site which released emails damaging Hillary Clinton over wide-ranging corruption, has consistently denied US intelligence claims of Russian hackers involved in the election.

Recall that it was the US intelligence agencies, primarily the Central Intelligence Agency, which spearheaded the Russia-gate story. That is proof it was shadowy unelected powers of the deep state which were orchestrating the political-media campaign to disenfranchise Trump.

Now racial politics suddenly erupts?

The sudden emergence of turmoil over racial politics, white supremacists, and neo-Nazis appears to provide the sought-after alternative lever against Trump. It seems rather strange that such a fringe issue over Civil War statues and relatively marginal political groups should dramatically ascend to such national prominence. … There is no doubt such hate-groups are odious clowns, as Stephen Bannon said. …

There is more than a suspicion that the racial controversy is being amplified way beyond reasonable proportions. The agenda seems to be back to the orchestrated effort to get Trump out of office, or to at least emasculate his presidency to a rubber-stamp status.

It has to be asked: Can the two bogus attacks on Trump be combined?

hat-tip Stephen Neil