Evidence from Charlottesville

Evidence from Charlottesville, by Greg Hunter.

The propaganda mainstream media and democrats are now trying to paint President Trump as a racist when he clearly is not. The Democrats are out of ideas, and the only thing they have to offer are lies. The Democrats also want to erase our history and attack the Founding Fathers as racists. …

Trump was spot on when he said both sides were to blame, and there is evidence that some of the counter protesters to the KKK were paid by people like George Soros. The media is only reporting one side to try to paint Trump a racist to score political points, which is the definition of propaganda. …

The Charlottesville Mercury News has 67 high-quality photos of the violence and its aftermath here.

Here is a brief video of the Antifa chanting for George Soros to give them their money (part of a longer video):

Here is a disturbing video of the Charlottesville “counter protesters” chasing the protesters with bats and attacking them, and then appealing to the public because they were victims of the KKK! (Apparently YouTube banned the video so we cannot display it directly, but follow the link.)