CBS Anchor Shocked As All-Female Panel Defends Donald Trump

CBS Anchor Shocked As All-Female Panel Defends Donald Trump, by Jacob Airey.

CBS Evening News hosted a panel of three women, two African-American and one Caucasian, all who voted for and support President Trump. The outlet was surprised to find that recent events have not changed their opinion about the current Commander-in-Chief. …

Strassman asked, “Has your support for Trump lessened one bit?”

All three women gave a firm ‘no,’ with Hughes emphasizing, “Absolutely not.”

Clearly surprised, Strassman pressed, “Not one bit?”

Jones replied, “No, I don’t look at him as, you know, my pastor or my moral leader. I look at him as the leader as it relates to governmental issues.”

Diehl echoed that sentiment, saying, “We’re not looking for somebody charming. We’re looking for a man who knows how to turn things around, and he’s got a track record of turning things around.”

Strassman asked what was really on his mind. “The confederate statues don’t bother you?”

Hughes explained, “No. It’s history. I wasn’t born back then. You wasn’t, either. So why is that affecting us? If anything, we should grow and learn from it. Just like Martin Luther King said: ‘You don’t judge people by the color of their skin. You base that on their character.’”

Strassman asked, “How do you explain your support is for a president, given the criticism that he’s had on this race issue?”

Hughes answered, “I think for myself, period. Nobody’s going to tell me what to think or how to think. I’m not gullible and I’m not blind. It’s my decision if I’m going to support someone or not. Not go by what other people has to say. And to me, what I’ve and what I love, I’m not… he’s not going to lose my support anytime soon.”

Jones added, “I’ve been a Republican before Donald Trump. I will be a Republican afterwards. I honestly don’t think we will see this issue of racial divide addressed until we remove identity politics out of the political process.”

No doubt CBS was surprised the panel went in that direction. As Strassman asked loaded question after loaded question, the Trump supporters stayed on topic, not kowtowing to the mainstream media’s attempt to divide them or make them look like hateful bigots.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific