Hanson wears burka in the Senate, gets slapped down by the PC crowd

Hanson wears burka in the Senate, gets slapped down by the PC crowd, by Chris Kenny.

The sight of a woman in a black burka set against the red leather of the Senate was as stark an image as our politics has thrown up in recent times.

Just weeks ago, a senator cas­ual­ly encapsulated our enlightened ways of pluralism and equality by breastfeeding while she spoke in that same chamber.

Now, in a deliberate, provocative stunt, we saw the physical ­embodiment of fundamentalist Islam and its subjug­ation of women — the burka hiding its wearer from ­public gaze — making an appearance in parliament.

In this case the veil was removed­ to reveal the blazing hair and hardline views of Pauline Hanson, a politician who wants to ban Muslim migration, hold a royal commission into Islam and ban the burka.

In a building that resonates with stunts, conflict and rhetoric — and is going through a more chaotic week than usual — this moment stole the show.

Mr Brandis, you know you’ve done the wrong thing when the hardline PC crowd approve:

The government, through ­Attorney-General George Brandis, overreacted. What he should have dismissed as an immature, disrespectful stunt was labelled “appalling” as he referred to the burka as a “religious garment” that, presumably, should be accorded reverence or respect.

Brandis was given a standing ovation by Labor and the Greens. The easiest love to conjure from the media/political class is to ­condemn Hanson or US President Donald Trump — and the Attorney-General, so often a hate figure of the left, felt that adora­tion instantly.

But this gave Hanson a bigger win than she could have hoped for. Here she was admonished by the political establishment in unison: the government, opposition and the Greens.

This was the instant consensus in the media, as journalists rushed to congratulate Brandis, with self-conscious qualifiers about how they usually disagreed with him.

Ley, Brandis, Leader of the Opposi­tion in the Senate Penny Wong, the Greens and others allowed­ themselves to be instantly identified as defenders of the burka.

Oh their hypocrisy:

The commentators — who daily cheer on attacks and ridicule directed at the Christian church in print, song, satire and parades — are suddenly full of religious respect. They parade their virtue by deferring to what they think are the sensibilities of Muslims. The media/political class pats itself on the back for its stand against Islamophobia. But in the real world the difficult questions go unanswered.

If someone wore robes or a t-shirt expressing support for the KKK, would they not be guilty of “hate speech”? This is because the KKK advocates discrimination against blacks, and even killing them.

And does not Islam discriminate against non-Muslims, and even advocates killing or subjugating them? And does not the burqa express support for Islam?

The burqa is an aggressively Muslim form of dress. It is a political statement, expressing Muslim superiority and the support for the ideas of the Koran — that non-Muslims may be treated very poorly by Muslims and that Islam will conquer the world. Implicitly discriminating between Muslims and non-Muslims, it is a form of “hate speech” — just as the PC crowd now label as “hate speech” even a statue of Cecil Rhodes, anything Donald Trump says, or pointing out measured statistical differences between groups. Islam is itself political, so a form of dress that is uniquely and conspicuously Islamic is inevitably political.

ABC would applaud Hanson in a pink nun’s outfit, by Andrew Bolt.

Here is the ABC horrified by someone wearing a burqa in Parliament to criticise Islam, when the ABC honors others wearing a nun’s habit in Parliament to criticise Christianity:

The Northern Territory Parliament’s May sittings launched with a unique sort of reverence in 1992, when politicians were bailed up by five nuns in pink habits and heavily tinted sunglasses.

The nuns’ mission — exorcise homophobia.

“We didn’t just turn up,” Dr Dino Hodge, one of the men behind the nun costumes, said.

“We manifested, darling.”

The ABC at times seems a protection racket for Islam. It is so obvious that even ABC listeners were ringing ABC presenter Raf Epstein this morning to complain about his refusal to allow a frank debate.

hat-tip Stephen Neil