ABC helpline for staff affected by same-sex marriage debate

ABC helpline for staff affected by same-sex marriage debate, by Greg Brown.

ABC management has offered staff a counselling hotline and “trauma toolkit” to help manage employees who feel negatively impacted by the same-sex marriage­ debate.

Employees at the public broadcaster were yesterday provided­ with material to support them in the lead-up to the Turnbull government’s same-sex marriage postal survey.

Managers have been provid­ed with strict guidelines on how to spot a staff member who is ­suffering from trauma. An LGBTQI hotline has been launched, with specialist counsellors assisting gay staff members during the survey process.

Nationals senator Matt Cana­van said the move gave the impression the ABC was “not fair and balanced” in the same-sex marriage debate.

The ABC not “fair and balanced”? Sherlock, that went under the bus in 1973.

Liberal senator Eric Abetz said it showed the “gross and deliberate bias” of the taxpayer-funded broad­caster, “highlighted by the clear assumption that only one side of the debate might be dealt with inappropriately”.

“There is no offer of counselling and assistance for those that might be vilified and attacked for holding a view opposed to the ABC’s groupthink in favour of changing the definition of marriage,” Senator Abetz said.

Ahh, but you’re on the wrong side of history Senator Abetz. And whose views most shape history in Australia? The ABC’s.

Like any organization run and staffed by PC activists, the ABC cannot be reformed — only eliminated.

hat-tip Stephen Neil