‘Progressive’ Policies Have Regressed Us Back to the 1950s

‘Progressive’ Policies Have Regressed Us Back to the 1950s, by Alan Moran.

In real terms electricity prices in Australia have doubled. This is solely because our ruling elites were too incompetent or ideological to properly evaluate the carbon dioxide theory of global warming.

It’s amazing how so many people are quick to get their pitchforks out over the price of petrol (which has barely increased over the same period), but will blithely accept a doubling of electricity prices – seemingly as if it’s the price we have to pay to ‘do something about climate change’. …

The scariest part is that things are only just getting started. ‘Renewable’ energy currently accounts for about 17% of Australia’s annual energy generation – and Finkel, Turnbull and Shorten all want to increase this to 42% within the next 13 years.

hat-tip Matthew