End of free speech for some in the USA?

End of free speech for some in the USA? By Lion of the Blogosphere.

Liberals used to be proud, once upon a time, that we so valued the freedom of speech that even the KKK was allowed to have a rally.

However, the reaction I see today is that, if you say anything about how the protesters were allowed to be there and they had a permit, or that counter-protesters are not allowed to attack protesters because of their speech (which were among President Trump’s points at his press conference), then that means you’re an evil racist yourself.

One of the alt-right guys, Jason Kessler, was attacked and punched by a man while he was talking in front of TV cameras, and the police didn’t even prosecute the attacker, and no one is even bothered by that. (But imagine what would have happened if a white man had punched a BLM or Muslim speaker. They would have thrown the book at him for a “hate” crime.)