Dividing the White

Dividing the White, by Jim Goad.

The rally was organized to protest the ongoing erasure of Confederate monuments throughout the South, specifically the Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, VA. … The rally’s planners had jumped through every possible legal hoop to ensure that the rally would commence without a hitch.

Once they were issued a permit, it was revoked by the coffee-bean-colored Wes Bellamy, Vice-Mayor of Charlottesville. Wes never seems to miss an opportunity to remind you of his blackness. Among the groups he has joined (and even led) include 100 Black Men of Central Virginia, Young Black Professional Network of Charlottesville, and Charlottesville/Albemarle Alliance of Black School Educators. In case you missed it, Wes Bellamy wants you to know he’s black.

In tandem with his love of being black, Bellamy appears to hate white people. Over the years, Charlottesville, VA’s current Vice-Mayor has posted the following gems on Twitter (republished unedited and uncorrected): …

“I hate seeing white people in Orangeburg


White women=Devil”

I’d like to see any white politician in America who’s said equivalent things and still has their job.

The point is that Wes Bellamy is vocally pro-black and anti-white, still has his job, and he tried to use government power to squash a pro-white rally. …

The rally:

On Saturday morning, rally attendees headed toward Lee Park, where the event was scheduled to launch at noon. En route, they were met by the usual ragtag patchwork coalition of bused-in masked white anarchists, shirtless local black males with homemade flamethrowers, and shrieking obese transgender wallabies from the nearby college. As is their habit, the Antifa types began screaming and taunting and poking. They allegedly spat at anyone suspected of being a “Nazi,” also flinging urine, feces, rocks, and even cement-filled bottles at them.

Shortly before noon, police announced that a state of emergency had been declared and that the entire event therefore suddenly constituted an unlawful assembly. Pro-black Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy’s wish had been granted: There would be no pro-white rally in Charlottesville.

Everyone was ordered to leave Lee Park immediately or face arrest. Whether or not the police — or, more likely, the people who were pulling their strings — were aware of it, this is the tactical situation they were setting up: They were forcing a large crowd of easily identifiable pro-white activists to disperse straight into the maws of the BLM and Antifa fanatics who consider it their highest moral calling to bloody and kill any white person who publicly declares it’s OK to be white.

I can see why the Black Lives Matter dudes, however knuckleheaded they are, would have problems with a pro-white rally. That’s simply how phenotypical racial tribalism works. What’s curious is the keening, unhinged hatred that the “anti-racist” whites have for their genetic cohorts who refuse to join them in their creepy, ethnomasochistic psychological self-cleansing rituals.

It’s hard to argue against the contention that in the current climate, any white person who doesn’t go out of their way to apologize for being a white person is Public Enemy Number One. What’s sociologically fascinating is this intra-racial tribal war among what are called the goodwhites and the badwhites. In case you couldn’t figure it out, the “goodwhites” are the ones that are constantly apologizing. …

According to accounts, many of the blacks who roamed the streets of Charlottesville couldn’t tell the difference between white nationalists and white anti-racists, so they harassed them all indiscriminately. This is funny to me for reasons that should be obvious.

What quickly became evident to me was that the authorities completely shut down an event where the organizers had a permit, but they didn’t touch the roaming mobs of BLM and Antifa goons who hadn’t bothered to obtain permits. Police allowed them to chant “WE HAVE REPLACED YOU” and “WE’RE HERE, WE’RE GAY, WE FIGHT THE KKK” despite that alleged order about all public assemblies being temporarily banned.

The obvious conclusion is that the authorities, in this case a white-hating vice-mayor, wanted the white anti-PC protesters to be beaten up, and gave orders to police to allow and assist this to happen.

hat-tip Stephen Neil