‘Death to America’ Iran ‘more dangerous than North Korea’ after nuclear funding approval

‘Death to America’ Iran ‘more dangerous than North Korea’ after nuclear funding approval, by Vickie Oliphant.

Tehran’s parliament voted to funnel thousands of pounds into the development of its nuclear missile project in a bid to fight US “adventurism” at the weekend.

Chants of “death to America” echoed around the chamber as the bill which will increase the state’s military budget by almost $800million was passed with a huge majority.

Now experts have warned the flagrant disregard for international relations shows Iran could be about to drop out of a nuclear deal agreed internationally two years ago.

And some even warned the totalitarian state could become even more dangerous for the US than North Korea, dubbing Iran a more “destructive” power. …

Today President Hassan Rouhani even warned he could ramp up his nuclear missile programme if the US continues with its “threats” of sanctions, agreed by Donald Trump earlier this month.

And he hinted he could pull out of the nuke deal he cut with world leaders in 2015.

He told lawmakers: “In an hour and a day, Iran could return to a more advanced [nuclear] level than at the beginning of the negotiations.”

Well Obama has already given them the planeloads of cash.

hat-tip Stephen Neil