ABC’s Alberici branded a Yes vote bully

ABC’s Alberici branded a Yes vote bully, by Stehen Brook.

ABC presenter Emma Alberici has denied she “bullied” a rival presenter on social media over the same-sex marriage debate, while the ABC declined to determine whether the Lateline host had breached an editorial directive to give all sides in the debate respect and a “fair hearing”.

Sky News reporter Caroline Marcus made the bullying ­accusation after writing a column indicating people could switch from a Yes vote to a No vote ­because of the behaviour of left-wing activists.

Marcus, who writes for News Corp, cited former High Court judge Michael Kirby and Alberici as the “worst offenders” in the “Yes brigade”.

Alberici tweeted in response:

After Alberici’s tweet, both Marcus and News Corp colleague Miranda Devine accused her of bullying. The ABC presenter ­responded: “Asking a question about the vulnerability of young gay & lesbian Australians has seen me ­labelled an activist bully. Seriously.”

Former prime minister Tony Abbott soon weighed in: “I see the usual suspects are having a go at @carolinemarcus. Good on her for resisting bullies.”