Elizabeth Warren Is Determined to Drive the Democrats Off a Far-Left Cliff

Elizabeth Warren Is Determined to Drive the Democrats Off a Far-Left Cliff, by Stephen Kruiser.

At the moment, the biggest players for the Democrats are on its far-left fringe. Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders (who will once again be a Democrat if he runs for president), and Elizabeth Warren are grabbing all of the headlines these days. Now New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to get in on the “left and more left” tug-of-war.

After spectacularly failing at getting non-progressives in America’s heartland to vote for them in 2016, Sen. Warren wants the party to double-down and lurch leftward:

In a speech delivered at the Netroots Nation conference on Saturday, Massachusetts Sen.  Elizabeth Warren suggested that the key to reinvigorating the Democratic party was listening to progressives and the left wing. The sentiment was the opposite of what others in her party, who have suggested reproductive rights and universal health care policy can be compromised on, have previously suggested would best move the party forward. …

This could best be described as a “Coastal Strategy” for the Democrats. The members of the party who are in blue states on the coasts truly believe that most Americans are on board with progressive ideals despite all election evidence to the contrary since 2010 (2012 being the one anomaly). …

hen a party loses voters it has been able to rely upon for decades because those voters are upset about jobs that aren’t there anymore, maybe it should focus on that.

In April, I taped a show for Japanese television that brought together Americans from across the political spectrum to discuss the 2016 election. Some of the pro-Trump people were lifelong Democrats from middle America who had never voted for a Republican in their lives until last year. All said the same thing: they were tired of the Democrats blathering about working Americans and never delivering on their promises. A nanny-state pitch about green energy and single-payer health care probably isn’t going to resonate with these people.

The US Democrats tend to set the tone and direction for the left throughout the West, and the left is running the West at the moment.