US Democat’s Ellison: We must all embrace intersectionality

US Democat’s Ellison: We must all embrace intersectionality, by Jazz Shaw.

DNC Deputy Chairman and Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison … at the Netroots Nation gathering of liberal activists, describing the party’s path back to electoral success:

“Ellison … implored progressives gathered at Netroots Nation on Friday to embrace the philosophy of intersectionality. “All of us in this room have got to defend intersectionality as a concept,” he said from the stage, drawing cheers from the crowd.” …

Intersectionality is a regular undercurrent in most liberal political discussions which is designed to get their disparate demographic armies all marching to the tune of the same drummer. Democrats have run into trouble in the past when you have one segment of the base fighting for women’s issues, another for gay rights, a big swath of them going to Black Lives Matter marches and yet another group backing Muslims in trying to boycott Israel. This school of thought being pushed by Ellison seeks to claim that it’s really all the same thing, because all of the woke people are being oppressed by the white, male, Christian, cisgender heterosexual patriarchy in one way or another. So rather than having a whole smorgasbord of different types of alienated and oppressed Democrats, you should dump them all into one, big, seething stew of anger and resentment.

The Washington Examiner’s Emily Jashinsky probably expressed it much more succinctly, saying, “once you’ve accepted that everything is racist, consistency demands that you also accept everything is sexist, everything is transphobic, everything is Islamophobic, and so on and so forth. Think of it as the grand unified theory of victimhood.”

The  coalition of the fringes laid bare, in all its prejudice.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific