Far-Left Fashion at Vogue

Far-Left Fashion at Vogue, by John Hinderaker.

Like me, you probably don’t read Vogue. So you probably are under the misunderstanding that it is a glossy magazine dedicated to frivolous fashion. Wrong: it is a left-wing propaganda outlet sprinkled with photos of dresses and purses.

The magazine’s relentless leftism can be hilarious. Like this article: “Step Aside, Idris Elba and Chris Hemsworth: Robert Mueller Is America’s New Crush.”

[A]s Chelsea Handler bluntly put it on Twitter: “I’m starting to have a real crush on Mueller.”

She wasn’t the only one who’d felt a tingle while reading The Wall Street Journal breaking news alert. Handler’s tweet about the 72-year-old grandfather was met with responses like, “Intelligence is sexy”; “It’s Mueller Time” (there are now even T-shirts and trucker hats to this effect); #SilverFox; and from one man [sic], “I wanna have his baby.” Kindly step aside, Messrs. Idris Elba and Chris Hemsworth, because America has a deeply passionate, totally red-hot new crush, and it’s on Robert Mueller.

This is not parody, it is how Democrats write for a rather weird slice of their base. Since it poses as a fashion magazine, Vogue includes a picture of Mueller looking (I guess) “sexy” ….

Vogue … hired famed photographer Annie Liebowitz to photograph one bathing beauty: the traitor Bradley Chelsea Manning … The picture illustrates the magazine’s lengthy paean to Manning …

If you don’t think there is a culture war going on, think again. And virtually every institution, including ostensibly nonpolitical niche players like Vogue, is on the other side.