Class at Stanford University to Discuss ‘Abolishing Whiteness’

Class at Stanford University to Discuss ‘Abolishing Whiteness’, by Tom Knighton.

It’s not difficult to make the case that the American university is a place outright hostile to a large number of Americans. From professors calling for white genocide to others arguing that reporting such calls amounts to repression, academia seems determined to pave the way for leftist professors to bash millions of Americans for no reason except the tone of their skin.

Stanford University, for example, is reportedly offering a class that will, in part, discuss “abolishing whiteness” according to a story at The College Fix. …

The hypocritical left wanted to build a coalition of the fringes, so it encouraged all identity groups except white, male, straight, cis-gender, and Christian. Now for the harvest of anger and division.

Do you want to know why there’s been a rise in so-called “white identity politics” recently? It’s because people keep talking about abolishing whiteness. Stanford University isn’t the first, but that doesn’t exactly make it better by any means. The fact that this is happening at all has many people feeling backed into a corner.

They look on and see that every other race is not only allowed to celebrate their people but encouraged to do so. Meanwhile, any attempt to celebrate whiteness is instantly labeled racist, regardless of any other factor. They see it and they’re angered by it.

When they come across the idea of white identity, they latch on because it’s an ideology that doesn’t just tolerate their racial component but celebrates it. They’re not being told to be ashamed of something that was beyond their control in the first place. …

Unfortunately, while minorities are encouraged to wear their race with pride, whites are admonished to be ashamed of being white. We get to hear about the problems of “whiteness.” We’re treated like the melanin content of our skin is actually the symptom of some moral failing and a lot of white folks resent it.