A non-PC angle on Charlottesville that you won’t hear in the media

A non-PC angle on Charlottesville that you won’t hear in the media, by Lion of the Blogosphere.

It looks like the establishment in Virginia, all the way up to the governor, had no interest in respecting the free speech rights of the protesters. The police did nothing to prevent the “antifa” counter-protesters from throwing dangerous objects at the protesters. And the mainstream media was there to only show the protesters in a bad light. Nothing triggers the left like racists and Nazis. The antifas are seen as good guys who were understandably violent when faced with racists. No need to show any antifa violence.

There was enough counter-violence committed by the white-nationalist protesters to present them as the bad guys. Yes, I do believe that the protesters didn’t go there with the intent to do any violence, but when you have a lot of people who are white trash, and then you have a bunch of antifa people throwing bricks, urine-filled balloons, other disgusting and dangerous stuff, it’s inevitable that not all of those white-trash types can keep their cool.

Had not the day ended with murder-by-car, it’s possible, but unlikely, that the far-right might have been able to get out the message that their right of free speech was suppressed.

The video of the killing makes the perpetrator, James Alex Fields Jr., look very guilty. It was suggested by at least one commenter that the collision was an accident because Mr. Fields was trying to get away from violent counter-protesters, but I don’t see any evidence of that in the videos. It looks to me like Mr. Fields’ car was being ignored as it drove towards the crowd of counter-protesters. I think it’s most likely that Mr. Fields, a white-trash type, was angry because of the violence done to him earlier by counter-protesters, and that caused him to drive his car recklessly into the crowd. (A photo in the NY Times from earlier int he day shows that Mr. Field’s shirt was stained yellow. I presume he was hit by one of those urine-filled balloons.)

The conclusion remains the same. The events of this weekend provided material to feed the mainstream media narrative of racist, violent and murdering Nazis (helped along by moron protesters themselves, some of whom carried Nazi paraphernalia, and many who shouted anti-Semitic slogans), which is used to tar the entire anti-establishment right.

Some commenters wonder if the kid was surrounded, Antifa were banging on his car, and he panicked and floored it. His brake lights were on right before impact. It looks like the driver’s side window was smashed out before the accident, and the videos show someone smashing his taillight with a bat as he drives into the crowd. Hmmm. There might be more to this.

Reporter on the scene said (Taylor Lorenz of The Hill), “The driver was taken into police custody right after the incident. Police say the car was covered in dents prior and apparently hit by a bat. Anyway several police officers at the station here think the guy running people down wasn’t malicious. They said the driver was scared … Police say the car was covered with dents and apparently hit by a bat.” …

Other videos showed Antifa were smashing on cars of people they thought were rightists.

The Alt Right has said for years, the system is unfair and rigged against us. And then they are surprised when the system is unfair and rigged against them: when Democratic politicians order cops to forcefully clear them in small groups out of their legally allowed rally, when no one stops Antifa from beating on them, and when the media spins the whole thing to have them look like evil incarnate.

Moldbug warned years ago that street fighting is a game the right can’t win, that street fighting historically has only worked for a team with sympathetic judiciary and media.