Artificial intelligence ‘vastly more risk’ than N. Korea – Elon Musk

Artificial intelligence ‘vastly more risk’ than N. Korea – Elon Musk, by RT.

North Korea and its missile arsenals may look intimidating to the general public around the world, but SpaceX CEO and avid entrepreneur Elon Musk believes there’s a much more dangerous specter looming over the world: artificial intelligence.

An avid AI crusader, Musk has long warned about perils it might bring to humankind. He maintains there is a great probability that the AI, free of any regulation and oversight, is able to go rogue and turn on humans in the end. …

AI is a rapidly-developing technology, but it is still far away from self-evolving, almighty software. Facebook uses AI for targeted advertising, whereas Microsoft and Apple use it to power their digital assistants, Cortana and Siri. Google search engine has also been dependent on AI since its inception.

hat-tip Stephen Neil