No One Expects The Google Inquisition, But It’s Coming

No One Expects The Google Inquisition, But It’s Coming. By Robert Tracinski.

We have already moved into the inevitable next stage of the James Damore “Google memo” saga. This is the stage where it’s not enough to fire Damore. We also have to fire everyone left at the company who might agree with him in any way. No one expects the Google Inquisition.

And now it’s coming. Remember that Damore originally circulated his memo privately on an internal Google message board for discussing work policies. There was no immediate crackdown from his bosses and there probably wouldn’t have been—except that one of his co-workers clearly wanted to force Google’s hand by leaking the memo to the press and creating a frenzy.

Well, they’re at it again. Someone followed up by sending further leaks to the media, consisting of photos of internal message board discussions showing that some other Googlers agreed with Damore, at least in part. The obvious purpose of those leaks is to keep up the pressure on Google, to set off an inquiry into how many other horrible, raging, sexist bigots—as Damore has been styled in the technology media—also need to be purged from the company. That’s the clear implication: that Google needs to conduct a thorough investigation to root out any other James Damores who might be lurking there. …

And then there are the people who don’t work at Google:

In the new Internet version, we know these big companies are gathering specific personal information about our habits and preferences, far more than anyone has ever done, but we accept it because we think they’re just going to use it to sell us stuff, which might sometimes be annoying but isn’t ominous.

But if we think there is a wider purpose, if we think they’re going to use our information for social engineering or political manipulation — will that break the bargain? …

Consider that Google has been one of the companies scrambling to go a step farther and get invited into our homes, selling us voice-activated devices that listen in at every moment of the day. For us to allow these companies into our lives in so intimate a way, we have to view them as non-political.

Why else do you think Mark Zuckerberg has been traipsing around the country making a show of getting to know regular people? Some think he’s running for president, but he’s actually campaigning to keep a more demanding position: CEO of the company everybody uses as the conduit for their social lives.