Donald Trump warns ‘military solutions’ are ‘locked and loaded’

Donald Trump warns ‘military solutions’ are ‘locked and loaded’, by Paul Sonne.

The president hasn’t specified which precise actions by North Korea would trigger a US response, heightening the unpredictability in the standoff with Pyongyang.

The result is a sense of uncertainty that has drawn comparisons to what Richard Nixon called “the madman theory” — the tactic of coercing an adversary into negotiations by signaling the US president is sufficiently unhinged to carry out a catastrophic attack. …

Mr Trump appeared to express affinity for the concept this past week. On Wednesday, he retweeted an observation by a Fox News host describing his unpredictability as a “big asset.” …

Mr Trump also said, when asked by reporters, that he wouldn’t “rule out a military option” for Venezuela.

hat-tip Stephen Neil