Xmas card OK, but don’t mention Jesus

Xmas card OK, but don’t mention Jesus, by Rebecca Urban.

Queensland schoolchildren will be permitted to hand out Christmas cards in the playground without fear of disciplinary action, but inviting school friends to church-run events would likely be discouraged, under the state’s latest religious instruction advice. …

While the backdown on “evangelising” — described in the ­reviews as acts such as sharing Christmas cards that referred to Jesus’s birth, creating Christmas tree decorations to give away or making beaded bracelets to give to friends “as a way of sharing the good news about Jesus” — has been welcomed, Education Minister Kate Jones has been asked to further clarify what is meant by “recruiting” in the new advice. …

However, lawyer Mark Fowler, who represents several ­religious groups and charities, said the new advice, coupled with the undefined notion of recruitment, gave rise to several uncertainties. “What conduct would it encompass? Is ‘recruitment’ meant to cover such innocuous statements as ‘my church youth group is fun, come along’?” he told The Australian.

Who is Kate Jones to tell some Queenslanders what they can and cannot say? That they can send a Christmas card but not mention whose birthday the card celebrates?

This is the state sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong.

Who is Kate Jones?