Irony Overload at Google

Irony Overload at Google, by Irish Paleo at Steve Sailer’s site.

  • Man writes memo in which he complains, inter alia, that his employer is hostile to dissenting points of view. Employer plays straight into the stereotype by firing him for expressing a dissenting point of view.
  • Man writes memo in which he suggests that women are more emotional than men. Feminists and prominent tech industry women have public emotional meltdown and employer fires man for hurting their delicate feelings, thereby playing (you guessed it) straight into the stereotype.
  • Man writes memo defending his employer’s hiring policies against accusations of discrimination. Employer responds by firing him, thereby implicitly validating accusations to the effect that its hiring policies are discriminatory. …
  • A company which has made literally hundreds of billions monetising the skills of highly intelligent Aspergerish males is shocked (Shocked, I tell ya!!!!) that some of them might:

    (a) not unquestioningly believe that millions of years of evolution and the vastly different selection pressures to which different populations and sub-groups of populations have been subject over those millions of years cannot possibly, conceivably have anything to with the demographic profile of industries and professions; and

    (b) might not have the social cop-on to keep that lack of credulity to themselves.