Parasites turn their sights onto tech riches: Google and the ideologues in its HR department

Parasites turn their sights onto tech riches: Google and the ideologues in its HR department. By Steve Sailer.

We may have gotten a hint of an answer this week whether blue-state America’s worsening climate of science denialism will backfire on the giant tech quasi-monopolies when Google CEO Sundar Pichai publicly fired a software engineer for writing a carefully argued memo, “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber.”

The brilliant young coder is James Damore, a former doctoral student in systems biology at Harvard. In case you are wondering what systems biology is, here’s Harvard’s explanation:

Systems Biology aims to explain how higher level properties of complex biological systems arise from the interactions among their parts. This field requires a fusion of concepts from many disciplines, including biology, computer science, applied mathematics, physics and engineering.

Ironically, Damore was fired for defending Google against the libel that only rampant sexism can explain why the second-richest company in the world doesn’t employ 50 percent women in technical jobs (much as Larry Summers was forced out as president of Harvard a decade ago in sizable measure for defending Harvard from similar charges).

In response, the Google CEO argued, in effect, that Google’s female employees, being highly emotional and not very logical women, can’t be expected to not take personally abstract masculine concepts such as “averages.”

It’s not punching down for the Indian-born CEO of Google (who was paid $200 million last year) to fire a twentysomething coder, it’s punching up because the victim’s a white male, just as it wasn’t punching down for Apple CEO Tim Cook to attack an Indiana pizza maker because Tim is gay. (In today’s zeitgeist, the billionaire always wins.) …

What? Not enough diversity in programming? Can’t think why. But on to affirmative action and parasites:

In truth, feminism is hostility.

A few decades ago, you could waste some money on affirmative action hires, give them nice titles and offices, and often they’d happily let the real workers get back to work.

But today’s quota kids have been trained to sniff out microaggressions against their amour propre. If anybody like Damore objects, it’s proof of sexism, racism, or whatever else the government’s out to crush. The New Sensitivity is a perpetual motion machine for extracting payoffs that has evolved over decades of trial and error. …

Obama’s first term was pretty sensible and his second term pretty…authentic.

The second Obama administration was free to point its resentful allies at the rich prizes in the tech industry, the entertainment industry, and academia.

Ironically, after decades of globalism, there isn’t much left to loot among Trump’s base, so now the lucrative blue-state institutions are in the crosshairs. All these highly Democratic industries have since been getting cannibalized by fellow Democrats in the ongoing meltdown of liberalism, what archaeologists might someday call the Late Obama Age Collapse. We are still watching progressives claw each other’s eyes out as they fail to peacefully divvy up the plunder. …

Trust Google with your life?

Let me close with one question about Google’s personnel policy: Compared with how you felt last week, how do you feel today about someday entrusting your life to a Google self-driving car?