World just became much more dangerous

World just became much more dangerous, Cameron Stewart.

The world just became a much more dangerous place. The stunning assessment by US intelligence that North Korea can now miniaturise its nuclear weapons to place them on a long-range missile is a game-changer for the US and for Australia.

It removes the last major obstacle to launching a nuclear attack on the US or Australia and it catapults the odious regime of dictator Kim Jong-un into the club of fully-fledged nuclear powers.

What’s more US intelligence now estimates he has around 60 nuclear weapons, three times more than some previous estimates.

Never in history has such a destructive capability been in the hands of such a madman. …

Trump is the unfortunate president who must now decide whether to accept a nuclear-capable North Korea. His predecessors have all baulked at the prospect of destroying the regime because of the enormous casualties which would be caused by a North Korean counter-strike on South Korea or Japan. But that was when Pyongyang did not have the capability of potentially wiping out San Francisco, Los Angeles or Chicago. Trump is the first US president to face the very real threat of a nuclear-capable North Korea. …

Kim has progressed his country’s nuclear weapons and missile technology faster than any Western intelligence agency realised.  … This is the worst possible news for Trump who has inherited this nuclear nightmare. North Korea is now likely to become the defining foreign policy crisis of his presidency.

hat-tip Stephen Neil