The Rape and Murder of Karina Vetrano And the predictable response of the Racism-Industrial-Complex.

The Rape and Murder of Karina Vetrano. And the predictable response of the Racism-Industrial-Complex. By Jack Kerwick.

On August 2, 2016, 30 year-old Karina Vetrano went for a run. …

While going for a routine jog in a park in her Howard Beach neighborhood in the borough of Queens, New York, she was viciously beaten, raped vaginally and anally, and then strangled to death.

It would be months before the NYP would find her rapist and killer, 20 year-old Chanel Lewis of Brooklyn. Lewis told police: “She didn’t do anything. I was just mad at the time. I beat her to let my emotions out. I never really meant to hurt her. It just happened.”

The Racial-Industrial-Complex ensures that the hugely disproportionate numbers of black-on-white crimes are not talked about. Not part of the narrative.

First, even though Karina was white and her attacker black, no one, including her grief-stricken parents, has publicly spoken a syllable to the brute fact that this was but another brutal black-on-white attack. Those outraged over this obscenity should have done so. Still, the reality is that they have not.

Second, the only people that have publicly noted the interracial character of this horrific crime have been the agents of the Racism-Industrial-Complex. And when they have spoken to this dynamic it has been in order to highlight the “racism” of….the victim’s defenders!

The quintessential illustration of this diseased phenomenon is a commentator, self-styled “civil rights activist,” and proponent of Black Lives Matter. His name is Sean King and he also writes for the New York Daily News. … King, while extending his sympathy to the Vetranos, expresses “concern that latent racism is now creeping its way into how this case is being talked about — including by my own paper.”

As proof of his paper’s “latent racism,” King cites its cover from February 6 of this year: “Demon in the Weeds: Woman-hating brute, 20, murdered park jogger, Karina.”

This is what King and, to hear him tell it, legions of his Twitter followers, submit as proof of the paper’s “racism.” Notice, although there isn’t a single racial reference to either the perpetrator or the victim — there should have been, and there most definitely would have been had the racial roles been reversed — King and his fellow travelers in RIC see the headline as “racist.” …

The evil that was visited upon Karina Vetrano and her family by a black man who felt the need to leave his predominantly black neighborhood in Brooklyn and search out a white community for a white woman that could serve as an outlet for his alleged hatred of “women” is heartbreaking and outrageous enough. The intellectual and moral poverty of the Sean Kings of the world only serve to compound the pain.

The real racism is being covered up, attention deflected by false charges of non-existent (“latent”) racism.

hat-tip Stephen Neil