Globalists’ Big Idea: Grow GDP with 2 Immigrants for Every American Turning 18

Globalists’ Big Idea: Grow GDP with 2 Immigrants for Every American Turning 18, by Neil Munro.

A new report by left-wing and business economists says the nation’s economic growth can be accelerated [from 2.5 percent] to 4 percent per year — if Congress annually imports two immigrant consumers for every American teenager who turns 18.

The two-for-one plan is Powerpoint ammunition for business leaders, Democrats, and establishment Republicans who say mass immigration is a better economic strategy than Donald Trump’s new merit-based immigration reform.

Trump’s very popular reform would halve low-skilled immigration, while also inviting very skilled immigrants to help Americans grow the nation’s productivity and per-person wealth. …

The two-for-one plan yields an extra growth of just 1.5 percent for investors — but would force each graduating class of 4 million American youths to pay higher rental costs and bear long commuting times, to receive lower wages and to work longer hours as each year’s inflow of 8 million migrants expand the population from 320 million up to more than 400 million by 2028. …

Trump’s “proposal would reduce legal immigration by half, including many immigrants who work legally in our agriculture, tourism and service industries,” said South Carolina GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham, who tried to help his allies in the low-wage sector with his failed 2013 “Gang of Eight” cheap-labor-and amnesty plan.

More immigrants of course boost GDP because the newcomers must  at a minimum be housed and fed, but they lower GDP-per-capita. Just examine the Australian experience of the last couple of decades.

hat-tip Charles