The Betrayal of Education and Principle

The Betrayal of Education and Principle, by Kevin Donnelly.

The original Gonski review and its final report, on which Gonski 2.0 is based, embraces a Fabian inspired view of education that is opposed to parental choice and the existence of non-government schools. …

It is a myth to describe government schools as open to all – selective schools decide entry based on merit and many government schools are only open to those wealthy parents who can afford nearby prime real estate. …

The argument by Gonski that any funding model must ensure “differences in educational outcomes are not the result of differences in wealth, income, power or possessions” reflects this cultural-left belief system — one where inequality in education is caused by students’ home background and postcode.

The blank slate theory, which is in conflict with all we know about genetics and evolution, is still alive and well on the left — and in the Turnbull Government.

hat-tip Stephen Neil