Parents cut out of teens’ access to the pill at school

Parents cut out of teens’ access to the pill at school, by Rebecca Urban.

Girls as young as 11 could obtain a prescription for the contraceptive pill from school without their parents’ knowledge, under updated guidelines for a Victorian program that make it clear parental consent is not a legal ­requirement.

Guidelines for the Doctors in Secondary Schools program, made public this week, suggest teachers will have the authority to overrule parents who have objected to their child seeing a doctor during school time, with “all secondary school-aged students … considered ­mature enough to make a decision to see a GP”.

Announced as part of last year’s Victorian budget, the $44 million program involves GP clinics operating once a week in 100 secondary schools, providing treatment for physical, mental, sexual and reproductive health issues. The program has already been rolled out in 20 schools. …

In Victoria, a young person is permitted to consent to their own treatment if the doctor considers them to be a “mature minor”, meaning they are capable of understanding why treatment is needed, what it involves, as well as any possible side-effects. …

[Students] are also warned that if they are under 14 and listed on their parents’ Medicare card, their parents will be able to access information from Medicare about their appointments. School-based GPs will provide information about how students aged 15 years or older can apply for their own card.

Really, whose kids do you think they are? What did you think your role was? Not only do you pay whatever taxes they demand, but you do as you are told and your children also belong to the state, serf.

By the way, the technical definition of economic fascism is that while private property is allowed and encouraged, the state may step in at any time to commandeer your assets and direct you to do with them what the state commands. Ever noticed that private property rights are getting scaled back in many areas, such as what you may build or do on your land. You own it and pay tax on it, but the state often tells you what you may or may not do with it. Oh yes says the elite, we believe in freedom, free speech, and private property.

hat-tip Joanne