Labor backs indigenous voice referendum

Labor backs indigenous voice referendum, by Stephen Fitzpatrick.

Bill Shorten has declared Labor’s unequivocal support for an indigenous-voiced parliament, a declaration of recognition and a Makarrata commission for truth telling of Australia’s past, in a powerful appearance at the Garma Festival this morning …

Mr Shorten has already faced trenchant criticism from indigenous leaders for his proposal to Malcolm Turnbull on Friday that a bipartisan parliamentary committee be established to consider the Referendum Council’s report. …

Prime Minister Turnbull said the Referendum Council’s report left a number of unanswered questions that must be considered by the parliament. These included: “What would the practical expression of the voice look like? … Is our highest aspiration to have indigenous people outside the parliament providing advice to the parliament? Or is it to have as many indigenous voices elected within our parliament? These are important questions that require important consideration, but the answers are not beyond us.”

It would appear that Turnbull and Shorten are considering having “indigenous voices” in or near Parliament. This is clearly racist.

Identity politics necessarily ends up in institutional and systematic racism, because it treats people as members of racial groups rather than as individuals. Going down this path will cause no end of trouble and discrimination.