Economist: American men have become less ‘marriageable’

Economist: American men have become less ‘marriageable’, by Ester Bloom.

The decline of manufacturing jobs across the U.S. has hollowed out communities and depressed the working classes across broad swathes of the country, but it has also had an unexpected social side effect: fewer marriages. …

In an article about this research, Thrive Global points out that, “since 1980, a full third of all manufacturing jobs — five million since 2000 — have evaporated, making guys less appealing as potential husbands in the process.”

Many American men who lost steady, relatively well-paying factory jobs, Dorn found, became cash-strapped and opioid-addicted. …

“Remarkably, half of unemployed men in the U.S. are on some sort of painkiller,” writes Thrive Global. “Unremarkably, all that makes long-term monogamy less appealing.” …

In response, fertility rates in those areas went down, the economists noted, and women who did have kids were more likely to proceed with parenthood alone, even though they didn’t have a lot of resources. Forty percent of all babies now are born to single moms or to unmarried partners.

As usual the male view is omitted in the mainstream media. Why would men wish to marry young ladies who have been thoroughly indoctrinated with feminist claptrap? Besides, sex robots will be here soon.

Welfare instituted at the behest of feminists has made the state a woman’s provider — who needs a man for support when you have the state?

The competition from sex-robots and the welfare state means traditional marriage is going to become rarer.

hat-tip Bob, Philip Barton