CNN’s Acosta Pulls the Media’s Mask Off

CNN’s Acosta Pulls the Media’s Mask Off, by George Neumayer.

It is impossible to overstate the partisan jackassery of CNN, which is at once a product of the cynical, ratings-driven scumbaggery of its head Jeff Zucker and the pretentious liberalism of its “reporters,” almost all of whom come from Democratic circles. What an astonishing collection of frauds. With their anchormanish baritones, they try to hoodwink viewers into thinking they are “serious” journalists. But they are all just liberal activists playing reporters on TV. Jake Tapper was a Dem staffer. So was Jim Sciutto. Christiane Amanpour, last heard lecturing journalists on the need to drop “neutrality” in its coverage of Trump, is married to former Clinton staffer James Rubin. And the list goes on and on.

Out of this ethos came Jim Acosta, who, thanks to Trump, has justly become the face of fake news. Acosta’s hectoring of Stephen Miller on Wednesday — behavior indistinguishable from a La Raza activist at a Trump rally — confirms once again the journalistic bankruptcy of Jeff Zucker’s CNN. …

My favorite moment came when Miller responded to the lazy retort of Acosta — What policy am I advocating? — by saying: “unfettered immigration.” That’s exactly what he is demanding. Acosta in effect wants the Statue of Liberty renamed the Statue of Open Borders

Acosta was too much of a dummy to grasp Miller’s point — that liberty and open borders can’t coexist, with the loss of that liberty hitting the poorest, including legal immigrants, the hardest.

The policy of unregulated immigration espoused by Acosta translates into an even larger group of “huddled masses” yearning to be free — to be free of the chaos, economic insolvency and crime that follow a mindless immigration policy.