Young white Anglo-Saxon male at university

Young white Anglo-Saxon male at university, by Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus.

I’m glad not to be a young white Anglo-Saxon male at an Australian university. They are accused of possessing white male privilege, while older men who may have previously mentored these young men are soaking up the love as Male Champions of Change. Not that those older white men, who have reached the pinnacle of their careers as CEOs and departmental secretaries (and the like), are showing the courage of their convictions and resigning their positions in favour of women or minorities. No way – they can preach about their virtue while collecting a fat salary.

Universities are a hot bed of abuse, according to the latest HRC report. Women reporting harassment, abuse and assault are axiomatically victims and survivors. Men are axiomatically abusers and perpetrators, not alleged abusers and alleged perpetrators. Some ugly guy stares at you (or you think he is staring at you) – he is an abuser, you are a victim. And the morning after if the consenting woman starts to regret the encounter then we have abuse – consent means not just before or during the encounter but afterwards too. Is it harassment if the young man is winning an argument? …

I have been married for over twenty-five years. When I met my wife at university many years ago, it took at least three attempts before she would agree to date me. Today I would be a harasser. …

Meanwhile most people in the world struggle to feed and shelter themselves. These absurdities being confined mainly to western universities where the privileged students live cocooned lives mouthing platitudes about the lot of the poor but in reality despising them.

Great rant, read it all.

hat-tip Matthew