Swedish champions set new high at Virtue Signalling!

Swedish champions set new high at Virtue Signalling! By Sputnik International.

With the Swedish authorities resolute to continue deportations of rejected asylum seekers as planned despite the surge of sectarian violence in the Middle East, a new trend emerged among compassionate Swedish social media users.

Refugee campaigners and sympathizers offer themselves for deportation in lieu of refugees.

By taking snapshots of themselves wielding hashtagged papers, enthusiastic Swedes offer themselves to replace people who were denied asylum in Sweden as a protest against the “unfair” and “inhumane” expulsions.

Fantastic effort! Leaves our local compassionistas in the dust. Well done Sweden, the humanitarianism superpower! The world salutes you.

All that publicity, and no risk of actually being evicted from your native Sweden. Perfect!

hat-tip Stephen Neil