SLIPPERY SLOPE: New Poll Shows More Americans Accepting of Polygamy

SLIPPERY SLOPE: New Poll Shows More Americans Accepting of Polygamy, by Courtney Kirchoff.

Remember ten or so years ago when gay marriage as a concept was all the rage? Some on the right argued redefining the institution was a slippery slope, if marriage no longer meant “Between one man and one woman” it could mean anything. Including polygamy. And some on the left said, “Nah, that’s crazy, you’re just a paranoid hater of love.”

Acceptance of polygamy starts moving up about the time leftist western politicians switched from being against gay marriage to being in favor. All these coincidences!

Polygamy is seen as more acceptable after men started marrying men, women started marrying women, and people could identify as cumquats free of judgement.

Gallup notes one thing which has possibly led to this shift is television. Television has a way of shaping how people view issues. Look what TV did for the gay rights movement. Ask your friends what percentage they believe is gay, and you’ll likely hear “10-20 percent.” When in reality, it’s closer to under 3 percent. That’s the power of the media for you.

What’s next for “normalization” after gay marriage and polygamy?

hat-tip Pierce