Australian BOM scandal heats up: Kininmonth, Watts, Nova quoted in The Australian “We audit banks, why not BOM?”

Australian BOM scandal heats up: Kininmonth, Watts, Nova quoted in The Australian “We audit banks, why not BOM?”, by Joanne Nova.

Today, Graham Lloyd, and Jennifer Marohasy turn up the heat even more on the Bureau of Meteorology’s strange practice of “editing” raw data. The Bureau says it works to the “highest possible standards”. Natch. So an independent audit would clear them, silence the critics, and restore their reputation. Strangely, instead they have been apparently avoiding an independent audit for six years now and counting….

Once again, the BOM promises another do-it-yourself review. The Minister (Josh Frydenberg) has insisted on two external independent experts, but if the BOM gets to approve or appoint them, that box won’t be hard to tick (just ask the NZ NIWA team). Apparently the last public scandal in 2014, the Minister then (Greg Hunt) killed off a proper investigation of the BOM to supposedly “protect the reputation and integrity of the institution” which, of course, did exactly the opposite. Given the BOM’s “excellence”, the effect of another hand-picked one-day forum to study none of the key issues that skeptics raised, told everyone that Hunt didn’t think its integrity would survive a high school debate, let alone a forensic investigation.

As “blogger Jo Nova” is quoted as saying: “We audit banks, companies, government departments, energy flows, and projects, but we don’t officially audit science. Whenever big money is involved we assume things need to be checked. When it’s just the planet at stake, who cares? – from the just released new IPA Book — Climate Change: The Facts 2017 (pre-order your copy now!)

It will get worse. Tucker Carlson had a report on Al Gore’s home in Tennessee. Gore’s home uses 21 times more energy than the average home there. Al Gore talks it but does not walk it. He is a hypocrite of the highest order. Let me ask a question. Remember Jimmy Swaggart the evangelist and how he got caught fooling around? Why shouldn’t the same happen to Al Gore? Why doesn’t he deserve disrespect and disrepute? Al Gore is like the high priest of climate change. Ride your bike to work. Put your clothes out on the line; don’t use the dryer.

hat-tip Charles