The rise and rise of Old King Coal

The rise and rise of Old King Coal, by Peter Westmore.

Coal, long derided as a “dirty” source of energy, has suddenly returned to favour, with the latest figures showing that 1,600 new coal-fired power stations are planned around the world, most of them using the latest high-efficiency low-emissions technology. World coal production has also risen sharply as a result. …

The anti-coal groups are alarmed that coal usage around the world is set for a massive expansion, contrary to anti-coal propaganda, which claims that coal usage is declining.

Even in the heart of green politics, the European Union, 28 new coal-fired power stations are planned or under construction. …

Chinese companies are planning or building more than 700 new coal power stations around the world, of which some 300 are in China itself. At present about 2,800 power stations are operating in China.

Yet the Greens and our ABC keep telling us that coal is finished. Something doesn’t quite add up?

hat-tip Nick