Keep eye out for acts of cultural self-harm

Keep eye out for acts of cultural self-harm, by Janet Albrechtsen.

Early last month, an undergraduate student at the University of Sydney’s business school entered the Kemp Assembly Hall on the third floor of the Old Teachers College to sit his statistics exam. The walls of the room feature large-framed photographs of former deans and foundation heads, people who have contributed to the university. As he looked up, he noticed that each face was covered up with a piece of A4-size white paper. Was it a prank, a passing piece of student activism or a portent of something more serious? One thing is clear. Covering up white faces in photographs on university walls is entirely in keeping with the crackpot social engineering taking place on campuses and across our society.

When asked about the covered faces, the University of Sydney ­advised The Australian on Monday that the room is used by an ­Islamic prayer group each Friday and that “the Islamic faith does not allow the representation of the natural world within mosques and prayer rooms including depictions of the human form”. The univer­sity says it has now asked that the pictures be moved to another room to remove the need to cover them in the future. …

While social engineers are boiling us slowly like the old parable about frogs, common sense is as invigorating as a cold shower. …

Just as communism failed and even the sweet kibbutz fell over when human nature kicked in, the left’s move to impose its ideas on the West’s social and cultural order will be defeated, too. But only if enough people stand up, speak out and join in by using old-fashioned common sense to knock off the daily attempts to distort and demonise our culture.

hat-tip Stephen Neil