Angry Feminists Can’t Figure Out Why Nobody Likes Feminists Anymore

Angry Feminists Can’t Figure Out Why Nobody Likes Feminists Anymore. By Bre Payton.

Her introspective Twitter query came on the heels of news that the Democratic Party will no longer withhold funds from candidates who oppose abortion, which she also tweeted about.

Aaaaand this is why no one likes feminists anymore, because anyone who doesn’t support their values is likened to Judas. …

The Democratic Party is re-thinking its abortion stance after it failed to get an unapologetically pro-abortion woman elected in the White House last year. As Ben Domenech pointed out last year, the Democratic Party strong-armed Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) into squishing his pro-life values in order to prop up his running mate, Hillary Clinton, whose abortion stance was wildly out-of-touch with most Americans.

A recent poll found that most an overwhelming majority of Americans (74 percent) think abortion should be limited to at least the first trimester. Interestingly, these numbers increase among women respondents, as 77 percent of women support such restrictions on abortion. Most women think abortion does more harm than good, that it is morally wrong, and that it’s an immediate priority for the government to restrict abortion to at least the first trimester. Most Americans also support the Hyde Amendment, which bans federal taxpayer dollars from funding abortions.