Losing faith in the ABC over attacks on Christianity

Losing faith in the ABC over attacks on Christianity, by Andrew Bolt.

WHAT a coincidence. The ABC steps up its war on Christianity just as Cardinal George Pell returns to Australia to face court over alleged historical sexual offences. Pell strongly denies those allegations and we cannot discuss them.

This is to keep alive the faint hope he may get a fair trial after years of media abuse.

But that doesn’t stop the ABC from vilifying his church and faith.

On Monday, the ABC ran a long program about historic sexual abuse in the Catholic Church in Philadelphia — way off in the United States — as if we really needed to know this here and now.

But the ABC’s most ridiculous attack on Christianity came on Tuesday, with a campaign to persuade us that “the men most likely to abuse their wives are evangelical Christians” who occasionally go to church. …

Why didn’t the ABC report the truth: that Christianity actually saves women from abuse? Why did it instead falsely claim — and instantly believe — the falsehood that evangelical Christians are the worst abusers? The ABC is not merely at war with Christianity. This proves something worse: it is attacking the faith that most makes people civil.

Isn’t it odd how the ABC, a government institution, attacks the church over child abuse. But government institutions are in charge of vast numbers of children today — yet we never hear stories in Australia about abuse of children in, say, schools. Children were abused by the church, yet somehow, despite their far higher numbers, not in government institutions? Not credible.

Instapundit runs a series about “teaching women not to rape”, in which it highlights stories of women sexually abusing kids in schools. They find a story or two each week. How could that not be also happening in Australia? And if it is happening, why the cover up?

hat-tip Barry Corke