Anthony Scaramucci out: a decisive move to tackle the dysfunction

Anthony Scaramucci out: a decisive move to tackle the dysfunction, by Cameron Stewart.

It looks like more chaos, but in fact Anthony Scaramucci’s ousting as White House communications director is the best news that Donald Trump has had for some time.

It shows that his new chief of staff, John Kelly, on his first day in the job is moving decisively to try to tackle the dysfunction and divisions which have plagued the Trump White House.

By removing Scaramucci on his first day as chief of staff, Kelly, a former general, has also sent a message which will echo through the West Wing — if you want to squabble like school kids and put personal power plays ahead of your country’s interests then you will you will answer to me. …

Scaramucci had to go because his extraordinary behaviour in after only 11 days in the job was indefensible.

His expletive-laden rant to a New Yorker journalist showed poor judgment, a lack of discipline and a combative mindset which would have only deepened the rifts inside this White House.