Why People Still Support Trump

Why People Still Support Trump, by Clive Crook.

There are two main theories of Trump’s support.

One is that a large minority of Americans — 40 percent, give or take — are racist idiots. This theory is at least tacitly endorsed by the Democratic Party and the mainstream liberal media.

The other is that a large majority of this large minority are good citizens with intelligible and legitimate opinions, who so resent being regarded as racist idiots that they’ll back Trump almost regardless. They may not admire the man, but he’s on their side, he vents their frustration, he afflicts the people who think so little of them — and that’s good enough. …

The left has become rather tired of democracy and doesn’t really try as hard to hide it any more:

The first theory, if it were true, would be an argument against democracy. If tens of millions of Americans are racist idiots, how do you defend the popular franchise? That isn’t a sliver of reprehensible people who’ll be safely overwhelmed when elections come around. And there’s plainly nothing, according to the first theory, you can say to change their minds. Why even go through the motions of talking and listening to those people?

This sense that democratic politics is futile if not downright dangerous now infuses the worldview of the country’s cultural and intellectual establishment. Trump is routinely accused of being authoritarian and anti-democratic, despite the fact that he won the election and, so far, has been checked at every point and has achieved almost nothing in policy terms. …

The left bureaucratic-media-academic complex stands condemned:

The second theory — the correct theory — is a terrible indictment of the Democratic Party and much of the media. Why aren’t the intelligible and legitimate opinions of that large minority given a hearing? Why must their views be bundled reflexively into packages labelled “bigotry” and “stupidity”? Why can’t this large minority of the American people be accorded something other than pity or scorn?

Amid Crisis in Brazil, Evangelicals Emerge as the Main Conservative Power

Amid Crisis in Brazil, Evangelicals Emerge as the Main Conservative Power, by Julio Severo.

The American Left is keeping an eye on the increasing influence of conservative evangelicals in Brazil. “The Nation,” the oldest continuously published weekly magazine in the United States since 1865, produced this month a special article, titled “Amid Crisis in Brazil, the Evangelical Bloc Emerges as a Political Power,” about the political power of evangelicals in Brazil. …

If the American Left, which is the most powerful Left in the world, is worried about evangelicals in Brazil, it is an excellent sign for Brazilian evangelicals.

In the world’s largest Catholic country, a rival Christian movement could select Brazil’s next president. By Omar G. Encarnación.

Although the country remains the world’s largest Roman Catholic country, in recent decades a massive swelling in the ranks of Protestant evangelicals has challenged Catholic hegemony. In 1970, the percent of Brazilian Catholics stood at 90 percent; today, it barely clears 50 percent. During that same time span, the percentage of Protestant evangelicals has risen from 5 percent to roughly 30 percent. Across the country, evangelical leaders are struggling to keep up with the growth of their flock. Abandoned shopping centers, X-rated theaters, and strip clubs have all become unlikely places of worship. …

The expansion of Protestant evangelism didn’t happen overnight. …

A third and final wave came in 1977 with the rise of the “neo-Pentecostal” movement, led by the homegrown Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus (Universal Church of the Kingdom of God or IURD). With branches in places like India, the US, and South Africa, the IURD is a global leader of prosperity theology, which asserts that devotion to God is rewarded with material gain. Founded by Edir Macedo, known throughout the world as “Bishop Macedo,” the IURD is a testament to excess. Forbes magazine estimates that Macedo is “the richest religious leader in Brazil, or perhaps in the world,” with a fortune estimated at $1.3 billion. …

Macedo’s influence on national politics cannot be overstated. The opening of IURD’s new temple was an obligatory appointment for the entire political class, with both Lula and Rousseff in attendance. At election time, Macedo’s political endorsements, which he dangles like pieces of candy and spreads around various political parties, are some of the most sought after in the country. The value of his endorsement resides not only in Macedo’s fame, but also in the reach of his vast media empire, which includes radio and television stations, newspapers, and a sophisticated social media operation. …

Like the rise of Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority in the early 1980s, which ushered in the emergence of the American Christian right, Brazilian evangelical leaders have entered the political fray motivated by a sense of moral outrage. These leaders point to the moral decay that has taken place in Brazil under Lula and Rousseff’s Workers’ Party (PT). They condemn the rise in secularism; the advent of gay marriage, imposed by the Federal Supreme Court in 2011; the growing acceptance of abortion (although illegal, an estimated 1 to 4 million abortions are performed every year); and the ubiquity of pornography. …

Despite their shared origins and mutual admiration, the Brazilian evangelical community is not a carbon copy of the American one.  … In Brazil … evangelicals are at war with the Catholic Church over the issue of “Catholic privilege.” Evangelical churches want the government to grant them the same tax breaks and benefits traditionally given only to the Catholic Church, such as support for Catholic schools, monasteries, and seminaries. Many Brazilian evangelicals also aggressively target Catholics as their main source of converts.

Additionally, while evangelicals and Catholics are on the same page when it comes to homosexuality, they can differ on abortion. For the Catholic Church, abortion is an absolute abomination, regardless of the circumstances. For many Brazilian evangelicals, however, there’s some wiggle room.

Society’s contrarians now fighting for free speech, traditionalism, and respecting people

Society’s contrarians now fighting for free speech, traditionalism, and respecting people, by Anonymous on 4Chan. 4Chan’s forum /pol/ is “the” forum of the politically incorrect, a usually degenerate area with smatterings of autistic genius.

/pol/ has always taken the contrarian view to society. The ideas on /pol/ have always been the opposite to what society approves of. The fact that topics on here are now about free speech, traditionalism, and respecting the people should tell you all you need to know about society as it exists today. /pol/ became the good guy when society became the bad guy.

By “society” he presumably means the establishment and their media.

hat-tip byrmol

Merkel heckled twice in one day as she defends refugee policy

Merkel heckled twice in one day as she defends refugee policy, by RT.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel was heckled twice on Tuesday by right-wing anti-immigrant protesters as she stubbornly defended her open-door refugee policy, one of the most contested issues in the country’s upcoming federal election.

Members of the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party booed Merkel, the top candidate of the Christian Democratic Union Party (CDU) at an election campaign rally in the town of Bitterfeld-Wolfen, in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.

“Merkel must go away”, “Protect basic law from Merkel” and “I used to be CDU voter, today I want to see Mrs. Merkel in court,” were the welcoming chants from AfD supporters in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, the Leipziger Volkszeitung reported. …

Despite much-voiced criticism, Merkel’s party’s support now stands at 37 percent according to the latest poll by the INSA Institute released Tuesday, Reuters reported. SPD, a member of her coalition has 24 percent. The poll shows support for the Left and the AfD parties at 10 percent.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Half of Britons think Islam is ‘threat to West,’ study reveals

Half of Britons think Islam is ‘threat to West,’ study reveals, by RT.

Following recent Islamist-inspired terrorist incidents in Westminster, Manchester and London’s Borough Market, 42 percent of people say they now have less trust for Muslims in Britain, while 52 percent believe Islam poses a threat, the Populus poll published by campaign group Hope not Hate shows.

The figures also reveal that a quarter of English people think Islam is a “dangerous religion that incites violence.” …

The increase in negative attitudes towards Muslims comes despite an overall improvement in attitudes among Britons towards different groups in society. The report found that two-fifths of the population have a liberal outlook, compared to 22 percent six years ago.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Nancy Pelosi Denounces Violent ‘Antifa’ Protesters: ‘Unequivocal Condemnation’

Nancy Pelosi Denounces Violent ‘Antifa’ Protesters: ‘Unequivocal Condemnation’, by Adam Shaw.

Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) issued a statement late Tuesday denouncing violent left-wing “Antifa” protesters, saying they deserve “unequivocal condemnation” — a move that marks a significant shift away from a Democratic narrative that attacked President Trump for highlighting violence from the “alt-left.”

Pelosi released the statement in the wake of the latest bout of left-wing violence in Berkeley, California, over the weekend. “Antifa” protesters jumped barricades and assaulted peaceful demonstrators at a right-wing event on Sunday.

The events are the latest in a number of violent acts by the left-wing thugs, often seen all clad in black and smashing windows, but many acts have been largely ignored by the mainstream media. Yet since President Trump highlighted the largely unreported left-wing violence surrounding the events of Charlottesville, Virginia, such acts have slowly been receiving more coverage.

Trump mentioned it, and soon the Democrats are apologizing for their thugs — that hasn’t happened in recent memory. Obama and Hillary were obviously in favor of BLM thuggery, for instance.

Donald Trump as superhero

Pelosi had previously called for the House to censure Trump over his response to Charlottesville, but with the increasing rise of left-wing violence, on Tuesday she released a statement condemning the left-wing rioters.

Back flip! Cannot deny that left-wing violence any more? Just too obvious and well-publicized? Maybe Charlottesville backfired on the Democrats to some extent, because they have never admitted to a violence problem before (at least not recently).

Trump had provoked the fury of both Democrats and mainstream media reporters when, despite his condemnations of white nationalists and neo-Nazis, he also condemned the violence on the part of what he described as the “alt-left.” …

Trump was widely criticized for his remarks, with even top Republicans — such as House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney — blasting Trump for his remarks.

“One side is racist, bigoted, Nazi,” Romney tweeted. “The other opposes racism and bigotry. Morally different universes.”

Romney has not tweeted since the violence in California on Sunday.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Threats over traditional marriage stance in Australia

Threats over traditional marriage stance in Australia, by Rebecca Urban.

The family of a Victorian woman who fronts a national TV campaign opposing same-sex marriage has been vilified on ­social media and their church threatened with violence after LGBTI ­activists falsely claimed they were behind an ad in the local newspaper critical of homosexuality.

Heidi McIvor, her husband ­Julian McIvor and the City Builders Church in Sale, where they both work as pastors, have been subjected to false accusations and insults over an unattributed ad in The Gippsland Times a week ago urging people to vote against changing the Marriage Act.

Ms McIvor did not pay for the ad to be placed. Nor did Mr ­McIvor, who is also the advertising manager at the local paper. The church has previously campaigned for traditional marriage.

The parents of two have been accused of spreading hate speech and being morally bankrupt. Their names and phone numbers have been splashed all over Facebook, resulting in Mr McIvor being hit with a steady stream of abuse.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

CNN Reporter Exits Bubble, Discovers Just How Much Texas Hates CNN

CNN Reporter Exits Bubble, Discovers Just How Much Texas Hates CNN, by John Nolte.

The bubble is real. The bubble explains so much. … Just stay online, watch cable news and monitor Twitter. This will completely warp your view of the way things really are.

I know this because it has happened to me. But never, not once, have I ever been so bubbled that I was unaware of just how much America freakin’ hates CNN. With that in mind, try to imagine just how out-of-touch CNN correspondent Nick Valencia is:

*covers mouth to hold back burst of laughter* CNN dude is shocked to discover everyone hates CNN! *laughter bursts forth* …

What exactly did Valencia expect to find in, of all places, TEXAS?

Good heavens, he works for a hate network devoted to destroying everything most Texans stand for, live for, believe in and cherish: faith, family and freedom. …

CNN has never even tried to disguise its unbridled hate for all things southern and Texan. CNN’s cultural supremacists are constantly smearing Christians and conservatives and southerners as backwards bigots. And everyone knows that the only reason CNN is even paying attention to a natural disaster in a Red State is in the hopes that the president they are hoping to oust through fake news will do something the leftwing network can turn into a “Katrina moment.”

Nafta doesn’t need a chapter on gender rights

Nafta doesn’t need a chapter on gender rights, by Nathan Keeble.

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland gave an outline of what her country seeks to achieve in the renegotiation of Nafta. … The Canadian government wants a new chapter on what it calls gender rights. …

Prime Minister Trudeau has emphasised gender equality in his cabinet, and they have even made similar moves for gender equality when renegotiating their trade deal with Chile.

Right on! That’s what trade deals are for.

In a free market, wages are determined purely by the productivity of the employee.

Few will question that the goal of a business is to generate as much profit as possible. The purpose of hiring an employee is to aid in producing the goods which enable them to do just that. The value which hiring that employee creates for a business, and by extension its customers, is the source of that employee’s wages.

In a free market, wages are determined purely by the productivity of the employee. Basically, that statement means that a person’s labor is as valuable as the anticipated additional revenue which a firm will gain by hiring them, or conversely lose by firing them. Markets tend to keep wages at this level. Why?

If an employee’s wages are bid too low for market conditions, competing firms will happily pay more to benefit from that employee’s productivity. The original firm would likely even increase the employee’s wages by itself to avoid losing them, much like Henry Ford had to do.

Notice that nowhere in that description was gender mentioned. Little to no wiggle room exists within a free market for employers to discriminate for anything other than the economic value an individual creates.

For an employer to do so would be both self defeating and unsustainable. For instance, if employers could purchase a woman’s equally productive labour for a lesser price than a man’s, the increased demand for female labor would very quickly bid wages to the correct level. Indeed, many scholars have shown empirically that women do in fact earn equal pay for equal work, despite claims otherwise. Hiring less efficient workers based on irrelevant personal factors is self-punishing.

Oh that ‘s so yesterday. Canada and Justin Trudeau have progressed.

hat-tip Matthew

UK: Muslim refuses to stand for judge, is ordered: “Get up. This is not a court of religion.”

UK: Muslim refuses to stand for judge, is ordered: “Get up. This is not a court of religion.” By Amie Gordon.

A Muslim convert accused of preaching sharia law in central London was ordered to stand up for a judge who told him: ‘This is not a court of religion.’

Ricardo McFarlane, 30, allegedly breached an ASBO made in February 2014, which barred him from approaching members of the public ‘in order to promote sharia law’.

McFarlane and a group of up to 20 other men are said to have set up a stall outside Topshop in Oxford Street on March 25 last year and called for strict Islamic laws to be imposed across the UK. …

The bearded defendant, wearing a green and gold robe, told the court usher he would not stand for ‘any man’ before the hearing began.

Robert Spencer:

Many times we have seen Muslims refusing to stand in court, because they recognize only Sharia, which they regard as divine law, as opposed to “manmade law.” It is rare, however, to see a judge actually ordering one of these Islamic supremacists to stand. Is he aware that in doing so, he is forcing Ricardo McFarlane to transgress a tenet of Islam, and as such has become an “Islamophobe”? Apparently not, since he said: “That isn’t in breach of any religious principles I’m aware of.”

Meanwhile, British authorities should become aware of and study the fact that so many converts to Islam get the idea that their new religion makes them contemptuous of the authorities of their home country. But they won’t.

390,000 Syrians Eligible To Bring Their Families to Germany in 2018

390,000 Syrians Eligible To Bring Their Families to Germany in 2018, by Chris Tomlinson.

If each person eligible were to bring only three other family members each, the number of migrants coming to Germany could increase by well over a million in the span of a year.

From January 2015 to June 2017 the German government granted 230,000 family reunion visas, with Syrians and Iraqis making up 103,000 of the approved requests.

The Syrian government has said they expect the number of family reunification requests to drastically rise in coming months and some have noted that the official figure only takes into account those approved and that many more applications are still being processed. …

Por-Islamic -refugee demonstration brussels

Recent polls show that Merkel is the most likely to win next month’s national election and although she has called for tougher stances on illegal immigration and more deportations of failed asylum seekers, her stance on an asylum seeker limit will likely remain unchanged.

Auf wiedersehen! Germany survived the Kaiser’s war, survived the Nazis (just), but might not survive the Muslims.

hat-tip Stephen Neil