Tracking Regulatory Modernization in the Trump Administration

Tracking Regulatory Modernization in the Trump Administration, by Sam Batkins in June.

With the signature of a landmark executive order establishing a regulatory budget in the U.S., and the goal of $0 net regulatory costs for the remainder of the fiscal year, regulatory modernization is front-and-center in domestic policy. …

To date, Congress and the administration have repealed regulations with an estimated $4.1 billion in total net present value costs and 44.9 million hours of paperwork.

The paperwork figures are annual and the net present value figure represents the total cost during the life of the rule, according to the regulation’s regulatory impact analysis. … This reflects data from 2017 onward and all figures are from benefit-costs analyses provided by federal agencies.

There follows a long list of regulations, costs reduced, and paperwork hours saved. Interesting to see — definitely not a topic in the mainstream media.