The media on Trump will soon turn to “Effective, but we don’t like it.”

The media on Trump will soon turn to “Effective, but we don’t like it.” By Scott Adams.

Prior to President Trump’s inauguration, I predicted a coming story arc in three acts.


Act one involved mass protests in the streets because Hillary Clinton’s campaign had successfully branded Trump as the next Hitler. … I predicted that the Hitler phase would evaporate by summer for lack of supporting evidence. That happened.


I also predicted the anti-Trumpers would modify their attack from “Hitler” to “incompetent,” and that phase would last the summer. That happened too. The president’s critics called him incompetent and said the White House was in “chaos.” …


Now comes the fun part.

I predicted that the end of this three-part story would involve President Trump’s critics complaining that indeed he was “effective, but we don’t like it.” …

How does the anti-Trump media gracefully pivot from “chaos and incompetence” to a story of “effective, but we don’t like it”? They need an external event to justify the turn. They need a visible sign of the White House moving from rookie status to professional status. They need General John Kelly to replace Reince Priebus as Chief of Staff. Done.

Watch in awe as the anti-Trump coverage grudgingly admits things are starting to look more professional and “disciplined” at the White House. And as the president’s accomplishments start to mount up, you will see his critics’ grudging acceptance of his effectiveness, but not his policy choices,

hat-tip byrmol