Australia has escaped large-scale, high-casualty terror attacks because of necessary evils

Australia has escaped large-scale, high-casualty terror attacks because of necessary evils, by Rita Panahi.

The only reason Australia has escaped a high casualty terror event is due to a combination of luck, distance and the work of our counter-terrorism forces. …

Meanwhile, fringe-dwelling-tinfoil-hat-wearing members of the loony Left opine that the raids were part of some vast conspiracy to sell newspapers and prop up the Turnbull Government.

Normally, that type of lunacy is best ignored but the number of university-educated, supposedly sane folks on social media who rail against the men and women who keep this country safe is worthy of condemnation.

When there were similar raids in 2014, elements of the Muslim community responded with outrage, not at the extremists in their midst, but against counter-terrorism forces who they claimed were unfairly focusing on their community.

Back then, the protesters at Lakemba chanted “we reject the terror laws, they only serve American wars” and held placards proclaiming “terror raids can’t break the spirit of Muslims” and “stop terrorising Muslims”. That sort of wilful blindness only creates division and alienates the community from the mainstream.

Despite the real threat of Islamist extremism, we have parliamentarians who want to expose the country to what amounts to open-border migration policies. The Greens continue to favour policies that would degrade Australia’s national security laws.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific