NSW Labor conference to back Palestinian recognition in ‘historic’ shift

NSW Labor conference to back Palestinian recognition in ‘historic’ shift, by Brad Norington.

A resolution to be put to the NSW ALP conference late today that “urges the next Labor government to recognise Palestine” is set to be passed by an overwhelming majority of party delegates from right and left factions.

The resolution, which modifies a previous commitment only to “discussions” on Palestinian statehood between a Labor government and like-minded nations, follows an intense campaign over many months led by former NSW premier Bob Carr.

Mr Carr and his supporters hope a break with 40 years of unqualified Labor support for Israel by the ALP’s largest state branch will become the model for a policy change at the party’s federal conference next year.

Australian Muslims are making their political muscle felt. In NSW state and Federal several seats have substantial Muslim minorities, and the ALP needs their continuing support.

hat-tip Stephen Neil