Mark Latham at home with other side

Mark Latham at home with other side, by Brad Norington.

Mark Latham, the boy from Green Valley in Sydney’s west, conceded he did not travel to the eastern suburbs much.

Yet he seemed to feel at home last night in Liberal heartland — indeed in Malcolm Turnbull’s electorate — as he ­addressed an enthusiastic crowd of the party’s Bellevue Hill branch at the Woollahra Golf Club. …

Mr Latham’s main message, warmly received, was that institutions in Australia had been taken over by the left.

“It’s an insidious, dangerous process,’’ Mr Latham said.

“It’s more dangerous than anything that was happening with the threat posed by the Soviet Union in the 1950s and 60s because by and large these things are beyond democratic control from the politicians we’ve got right now.

They don’t seem to do anything to stand up against the leftists who march through institutions.’’

Mr Latham said average citizens felt the madness of what they saw every day was beyond their control, giving the example of a Queensland schoolyard where Jesus allegedly could not be ­discussed.

“This is why so many people are frustrated,’’ he said. “This is why we’ve got a gathering like this in the Prime Minister’s own electorate — Australians feeling, ‘I’m losing my country, my local member is the Prime Minister and the slide continues worse than ever’.

hat-tip Stephen Neil