Don’t. Talk. To. The. Media.

Don’t. Talk. To. The. Media. By Vox Day.

I don’t know if people’s egos are simply too tempted by the thought of appearing on camera or if they truly believe they are smarter than almost every single person who has been summoned to play punching bag before them, but it’s remarkable how whether a reasonable individual is conservative, Alt-Right, Alt-Lite, or simply nationalist, they are drawn like moths to the candleflame of the hostile media’s cameras. …

About an interview of Tommy Robinson by Piers Morgan:

Do you really not understand that you were there to be a punching bag? He was virtue-signaling at your expense. Don’t talk to the media! 

When you are approached by the media, be it Megyn Kelly, Piers Morgan, Wired, The New York Times, or The Atlantic, you must understand that they see you as the content du jour. And the content is always folded, spindled, and mutilated to fit their current Narrative, which is NOT the reason they will give you when they try to get you to talk to them or appear on their show.

Here is the thing. You don’t need the media. As Mike Cernovich points out, they need you. It is Piers Morgan whose name is on the headlines because Tommy Robinson was willing to make Morgan relevant today, not the other way around. Who is more relevant and has a bigger platform, Richard Spencer, who leaps to talk to the media, or Stefan Molyneux, who will not even return their emails?

And as both Mike and I have noticed, mainstream exposure doesn’t even move the needle. Not in terms of blog traffic, Twitter followers, or book sales. It is probable pain for no gain. Whereas whenever he goes on Infowars or I go on FreeDomainRadio, we see observable bumps in one or more metrics.

In light of this, I should mention that I am modifying my media policy. Previously, I had been willing to answer written questions posed to me by reporters in writing. I have now learned that they will never run those answers because they cannot use them to fit the Narrative. So, I will not be replying to any mainstream media inquiries that do not specifically, and solely, concern Castalia House books, Infogalactic, or games for which I am the lead designer.

Commenter Cail Corishev:

If you really want to be interviewed, have a friend interview you and run it on your own platform. Jones could hire a hot blonde model to call herself “Megan Kellie” and ask him some questions he prepared on his own show. It’d be funny, and more people would see it.

It’s like playing poker with a mob boss you know cheats. Even if, by some miracle, you overcome the cheating by him and his friends at the table and win all the money, he’s only going to have you shot and buried in the desert and take it all anyway. If you really kill them in your interview, they’re just going to bury it. There’s literally no way you can win by playing their game.

Commenter VD:

By going on their shows, you are helping THEM. They are not helping you. They hate you. They only pretend to tolerate you because doing so helps them.

Commenter Roger, with the opposing point of view:

When I was younger and still studying English as a second language, I used to watch the BBC World channel. One day I watched an interview of Nick Griffin by Tim Sebastian and thought at the time how thoroughly debunked Nick’s nasty ideology had been by that virtuous interviewer. However the “seed” of Nick’s ideas had been planted in my mind and I started to pay more attention to the news coming out of Britain and the rest of the Western world concerning the multicultural experiment and its consequences. Within a couple of years after watching that interview I came to the realization that Nick was right, and trying to get an important point across, whereas Tim was a propagandist prick who kept interrupting him with tendentious, emotional questions.

Perhaps taking that sort of risk is no longer necessary in this age of Youtube (as long as it remains a relatively open media space) however I believe that, as long as the dissident guest of an intended MSM smear campaign is capable of maintaining their cool and remind the viewer of the bias being displayed in addition to getting some of his points across, they can have a positive impact on a significant number of genuine open minded people.

Commenter Don’t be a Pussy:

Cernovich shouldn’t talk to the media because he sounds like a lisping fag. VD shouldn’t talk to the media because he comes off like a sperg. Tommy Robinson shouldn’t talk to the media because it’s way too easy to make him look like a soccer hooligan.

Milo and Gavin McInnes should talk to the media because they’re fast on their feet and cool.

Summary: if you’re good for the media, you’ll be asked to do media. The flip side is you should not take advice from people who the media find it easy to make fun of.