American’s Got Talent and Hope

American’s Got Talent and Hope, by Gavin McInnes.

Most of us here agree that PC has taken over …

Political correctness has been around since the 1990s, but as Jim Goad points out, back then it was only on the fringes.

We had “separatist lesbians” who were working on creating a society without men. I remember them. They wouldn’t shake your hand because it was bad for the movement. They were also freaks nobody had heard of. Today it seems like they could run for office. They certainly wouldn’t look unusual in Europe.

Everywhere you look, far-left politics has infiltrated the mainstream, especially in pop culture. You can’t turn on the TV without a black neurosurgeon talking to a female Secret Service agent who’s a single mother of two. When they cut to a #cuckmercial it’s some bumbling dad trying to figure out how to open a can while his long-suffering wife rolls her eyes.

The racial ambiguity is getting ridiculous too. Aren’t there any white people on TV anymore? …

I decided to try to quantify this. … I decided to watch America’s Got Talent and focus on the commercials. What I learned was, I am completely wrong about PC taking over absolutely everything. I was letting one #cuckmercial stick in my craw and then ignoring everything that came before and after it. It’s like those guys who think they’re good at blackjack. They let selective memory push out all the failures and focus on the few times they’ve won. I was stunned to discover, commercials still seem to understand the free market and that pitching to nasty women who resent men isn’t good for business.

I’m not saying PC isn’t completely out of control. It has completely subsumed most mainstream media and all of Hollywood. I’m just saying that within this tiny litmus test, I was very surprised to notice I had completely exaggerated the problem in my own mind. …

When a #cuckmercial finally did come on I was almost relieved. These were the things I was convinced were absolutely everywhere. It was an Aflac commercial that starts with a baseball bat and a dad holding an ice pack to his brutally disfigured face. Mom arrives and the son explains, “Dad kind of walked into my swing,” to which she responds, “Don’t you mean Dad kind of walked into our Hawaii fund?” They all take a vote and decide the extra money Aflac awarded them should go to a vacation and not fixing Dad’s face. He reluctantly agrees and even gives the family a weak high five. It’s the classic anti-white-male, anti-patriarchy, anti-nuclear-family commercial that gets under your skin, but it was the only one in an hour of prime-time television. These annoy me so deeply I had duped myself into thinking they were absolutely everywhere.

In the end, the experiment was not at all what I expected it to be but good news nonetheless. PC is infecting our culture. We are battered over the head with anti-traditionalism everywhere we go, but it’s not yet ubiquitous. There are still outposts where the free market remembers that being a radical feminist separatist who hates men isn’t good for business.